Friday, June 17, 2005

More HTML problems

Similiar to the previous post: how can I widen the margins of the main body of my posts to accomodate larger photos (see Brandon Eats )? I re-sized them so that, when viewed in Internet Explorer, the entire center wouldn't shift down to the bottom of the page (my sidebar is fine) but then I don't like the size or quality of the smaller photos. I too am a novice at HTML and really don't want to destroy the template of my blog when I don't know how to fix it. Any good sites about basic HTML out there? Most I've seen are not so helpful (they assume more knowledge than I have). I don't have this problem in Netscape or Firefox. Thanks!


paul said...

I can't test this in IE6 for PC at the moment, it should work, but there's some padding and margin stuff going on that might get silly. It's fine in all the Mac browsers and IE5 PC.

Here's what you do:

In the Page structure part of your CSS, change your #content width to 800 and your #main width to 550. That should give you enough room for bigger pictures, without breaking the float of your main content column to your sidebar.

As for HTML learning, these days what you need is CSS help. It gets complex quickly. Try this Bare Bones, No Crap, CSS Text Control Primer to get the basic concepts down, then move on to the Floatutorial and Selectutorial for more on floats and selectors - the two basic concepts you need to grasp if you're going to play with this stuff.

Clare Eats said...

When I did this to my blog I also had to make a new line for at the bottom, so that the lines will meet up. I dont think you will have to though, but some templates will require this step too.

McAuliflower said...

Basically, IE sucks when it comes to the way it interprets your code. More likely than not you will find that it just does odd little things to your website, while Firefox is fine and dandy.

I recommend W3 schools and their html tutorials that are found in the left side bar.

I also recommend you go in an play with your css as scarey as that sounds. Copy your existing code and paste it into a text file- just in case you can't undo a change you will have a backup. Learning to see what is going on in your css (cascading style sheet) is invaluable.

So go in there and change some colors- simply to help see what the different parts of your page are called.

Brandon said...

Thank you so much for all of your help--it's been invaluable!