Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just started my blog and I've already come across the extent of my techno know-how...
I'd like to add links to my favorite blogs and sites, but my template (in typepad; three column configuration) doesn't list them as a subject option.

Is it under a different name? (feed?) or do I need wrangle up something entirely different?

This post was written by Vanessa from she craves


Pim said...

Pretty easy to do on Typepad, actually.

1. Go to Type List tab.
2. To the right of the page, you can create a new Type List.
3. Select the Link Type: Links.
4. Give it a name.
5. Now you can add links to your favorite blogs or other sites to your Type List.
6. Now you can go into your template and add the Type List you just created into your blog content.

Hope this helps.


vanessa said...

really easy.
it's one of those days where you just feel dumb.