Thursday, November 17, 2005

[Event] Does My Blog Look Good This Month?

Is anyone hosting Does My Blog Look Good In This, this month?

This post was written by Andrew from Spittoon/SpittoonExtra


Moira said...

Oh, crap...that would be me! Life has been flat-out crazy lately, and I haven't even give it a LITTLE thought. I'll get a post together tomorrow and contact the judges asap.

Thanks for jogging my memory, Andrew. Thank the blog gods for Food Blog S'cool!

Nic said...

And I'll second that thanks for prompting Moria, Andrew, because I have a great picture for October!

Andrew said...

Well its a good thing I am here then!

Which picture Nic, you have several from October that are really superb?

Rachael said...
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Cate said...

Moira, let me know when you have the post/info up and I'll add it to StickyDate. Haven't gone through my October pics yet, but hope to participate in this one.