Thursday, November 03, 2005

[Stats] Measure Map

Oooo its like a kid in a sweat shop!
Measuremap is new, still under beta, but you can request a log in - they are slowly releasing the package to the masses.

It is one of the best stats packages I have found both graphically and in the lay out of the stats, lots of little things to click and discover - a roll over map for example, list of links, clicks, where visitors came from, country etc etc. All the usual info but perfectly laid out. I'm impressed. At sign up it gives the lines of code required depending on your blog-host - very easy.

As I said still in beta so some bits are not working or working quite correctly but its great.

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Kalyn said...

Andrew, is there a monthly fee?

deccanheffalump said...

Thanks for the lead Andrew. Stats seem to differ so much from one service to another.It will be interesting to try this one.

Andrew said...

so far it is free