Monday, December 05, 2005

2005 Food Blog Awards

This is a duplicate post, orginally published at my site at Accidental Hedonist. I am now shamelessly pimping the awards.


"It's back! You've spent precious time working on your blog. You've traveled 175 miles in order to find that one special ingredient for a recipe. You've eaten food at less than reputable institutions. You've been hammered by requests from Hefty-Trash bags to pimp their plastic plates.

We think you need to get some kudos for all of your hard work.

It's time for the 2nd annual Food Blog Awards! Here's the chance to say "Hey, my food blog is worthy of attention!" Conversely, it's also the chance to say "Hey! My favorite food blog is also worthy of attention!"

Over the month of December, we're going to ensure that people recognize the quality writing and photography that go on in our community.

Here's how it's going to work - Between now and Friday, December 16th, we're accepting nominations in several categories, that are listed below. After the 16th, a group of judges will review the nominations, and submit five sites for your approval. From Dec 21st through December 31st, the polls will be open for people to vote.

We're excited about these awards. Last year, the awards and some of the winners were featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines world-wide.

We will announce the judges in a post later this week, as well as explain their duties, in order to maintain a fair amount of transparency.

So, here are catgories . Start nominating as the 2005 Food Blog Awards!

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Sam said...

hey kate -
i was wondering if the number of times a blog gets selected has any bearing on the judging. Asking because not sure whether tis better to renominate one already nominated or throw a different name into the bag (in situations when I have trouble choosing who to suggest from several that I love). Well, that would be every category,I guess! I am trying to resist the urge to suggest more than one per category, cos at the end of the day we will only have one vote, right?