Sunday, December 18, 2005

Botched Recipes via Firefox...

Hey there, blogging brothers and sisters ~

I have a wacky weird situation on my hands:
It seems that the Firefox browser fails to list certain elements in my recipes. It's so bizarre! For example, some time ago I adapted a pumpkin spread from Catherine of 'Food Musings'. She was confused by my post... until I copied and pasted the text as it appeared in my browser. I had begun to suspect Firefox by that point from past complaints.
Suggestions or related experiences anyone? Im so irritated at the idea of my posts coming out botched that it's taken till now for me to discuss it. Grrr.


mrs d said...

Can you post the code for the parts of the post that are botched, or a link to the botched post? Without seeing exactly what the browser's trying to read, it's impossible to guess what's going on.

Also, some code building programs are notoriously bad when it comes to multi browser compliance, so knowing what blogging set up you're on would help too.

Rebecca said...

My pages aren't posting at all! Any clues?

Rachael said...

I had a similar problem with foxfire when I first got a Mac. It was basically deleting everything after a link. If that is whats going on with you, I can let you know how I solved it (I dont want to write it all out if thats not the trouble though...LOL)

Hope you find a solution!

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