Wednesday, December 21, 2005

[Event] Announcing a new Photo Challenge for 2006

After much debate and the odd stamping of foot the delightful Sam of Becks and Posh and Andrew of Spittoon/SpittoonExtra/Slashfood have hammered out details of Foodography a new and terribly exciting photography challenge for 2006; a regular event based solely around food and drink. The aim is to stretch our creativity and, though practice and comments, hopefully improve all our photography over the year.

A theme will be set at the beginning of each month and continue for 6 weeks. Andrew and Sam will select a theme on alternate rounds with an overlap on each to alleviate any 'pressure' to meet a monthly deadline. The first round is to run from January 1st to around the 12th February, the second from the 1st February to around the 12th March. We have plenty of ideas for themes which will hopefully encourage lateral thought and creativity but welcome suggestions too.

You can, of course, post your entry on your own blog but flickr will be the home for each round. You can register at flickr for free and are offered several easy to understand methods to upload images. Pictures on flickr can be assigned to groups, each monthly theme will have a different group. It is very easy to assign a picture to a group but if you need a little guidance we will be happy to help.

Flickr also allows the posting of comments. These we encourage all to use in giving constructive criticisms, suggestions for improvements and the like. We are looking for more than a simple 'nice pic' or 'good work' - although these are welcome too, as we all like a little praise and encouragement occasionally.

If an image is particularly noteworthy either Andrew or Sam or both will pick their favourite and detail why they selected that particular picture. Again you are encouraged to share your thoughts on why one image or another is your favourite. Comments to pictures are easy to add.

The other advantage of utilising flickr to host each round is that it alleviates the often heavy work-load in hosting such events on an individuals blog.

The challenge is open to all regardless of expertise or equipment from a simple compact or camera phone to function-rich digital SLRs. You can enter as many photos as you wish; in fact some themes may specify a series of images or the theme may inspire you to 'tell a story'.

As well as commenting on others submissions you are encouraged to include (in the description field under each of your photos) some technical details - the light source and angle (natural? spotlight? candle?), use of tripod, water spray, reflectors and such-like. The inclusion of these specifics, coupled with comments, will enable us all to learn by example and perhaps pick up tricks and ideas to improve our own techniques.

Entering a picture to this challenge certainly doesn't preclude you entering the same picture in Does My Blog Look Good In This or writing up a normal blog post around it but all we are interested in on Foodography is the photograph or the series of photos, the interpretation of the theme and the technical expertise shown.


Kalyn said...

Very interesting idea. I look forward to learning a lot from this.

Rachael said... could be the champagne, but did you actually ever say what the pictures will be of?

Hee hee.

cookiecrumb said...

(It's the champagne.) They'll be announcing photo themes each month.

Andrew said...

too many bubbles Rachael as cookiecrumb says the announcement will be made each month. I get to pick the first theme... I have a couple of ideas... but for later in the year what would you like the theme to be?

Sam said...

Themes should be kept secret til the announcement (oi Andrew??) so if anyone has ideas then mail me and andrew

FJK said...

Great idea. Thanks for organizing this. As a fairly new Flickr user, I found out that my photos don't make it out of my private files until I've been vetted by flickr and they trust my intentions are honorable. The only way to speed that up is to post more photos. This is a long winded way of saying that if you'd like to participate in this and don't already belong, join flickr now and start posting so you'll be ready to go by contest time.

Andrew said...

Indeed Sam the theme will be announced on the 1st of each month however in January the theme is going to be

Kalyn said...

Andrew, you are just plain cruel. Teasing all those photographers like that.

Andrew said...

looks like the last comment got truncated. What I was going to say is that the theme for the first challenge, and one I think will kick off the proceedings superbly, be inspiring and thought provoking but at the same time accessible to all, is going to b