Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Folks have been having some trouble finding my blog off of google and yahoo. Searching for the name isn't a problem. Rather when they search for "food blog (my geographic area)" it doesn't include my URL. I'm curious because I know that there aren't alot of bloggers in my area, so I figured I would show up with the others.

Any ideas?

This post was written by Vanessa from she craves


cookiecrumb said...

I haven't explored your blog in depth, but maybe it's because you refer to yourself as a blogger "in the Jell-O Belt" instead of "in Salt Lake City." BTW, I think that's a hilarious description. Isn't green Jell-O considered "salad" in Salt Lake City?

Sam said...

a google listing isn't automatic. Unfortunately you have to do a bit of work before you are listed.
I tried to dig out the info that tells you how to get your blog listed buthavent found it yet.
It is not instant. I think it took about 6 months before my blog got onto google.
(Or maybe less from the time I actually took the necessary steps to go about getting it listed.)

start by requesting a listing on yahoo here.
As I understand it, google wont pick you up until you have been yahoo listed for a while.

Sam said...

ok ignore my comment
do you have the words "food blog utah" on your site anywhere?

it wont show on google if not.

I just looked up my own blog using the same criteria and I was way down on the seventh page, behind lots of blogs not even from SF.

I am not sure why cos I have a high google rating and I think I have had those words on my blog in the past.

Elise said...

I think the only reason my site gets found in Google when looking for Sacramento blogs is the article that was written in the Sac Bee last year. If you really want to be known as a SLC blogger, you might engage your local paper's food editor - let him or her know about your blog. They love a local angle to stories like this.

McAuliflower said...

Also, in my non-professional opinion, you need to have text near the top of your page source that states what you want to be known for. Google picks up sites from its crawls based on the text you have present on your site.

If you are interested in search engine ranking, get a bit more obvious in the very beginning of your 'about me', or more specifically in your 'banner description'.

Go to some popular sites and dig around their code. (view- page source) Check out my page source for more ideas to chew on (I've got meta-tags up there too).

Also, check out submitting your site to the open directory project: look at the bottom of this google directory page.

Good luck!

ps- titling your s'cool postings for future topic searchability is a good idea...

Sam said...

i agree with what mcauliflower says, and have a description as suggested but note it doesn't actually say "this is a food blog" most food blogs are all about food blogging but don't state it so obviously using the phrase "food blog"
You can also hide text from the page using alt="", I think. Any text you want.

vanessa said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback, I'll make some changes and see what happens.

And I'll remember to add an topic next time *cheeky grin*

Andrew said...

what you could try is to set up a page/post specifically targeting the Google search words you want to be found under. pepper the page/post with the words. Perhaps use it as a menu page for specific posts about the subject. It needs frequent updating of course and a link from the home page... might work, might not...

Owen said...

OK - something I can make an actual professional comment about. My new real job involves a LOT of google and yahoo SEO (search engine optimization)

first if the text searched for isn't on your blog it won't be found. Second the way things get calculated tees off of blog titles, urls and page titles most importantly. Even h1 tags help a bit.

Finally, it REALLY helps to have a lot of other people link IN to you to move on up - and that means link in with a link using the search term. So for example my blog rates number one for the word tomatilla mostly because almost everyone who links to my blog links to it using that word - so I beat out a long-established and quite large business called tomatilla technologies because they are linked on BOTH words.

Finally, Google in particular uses a sandbox on new sites - that means that you don't really get ranked highly on ANYTHING until you've been in their system for at least 3 to 6 months.

The best way to move up in ranking is to get linked to for the term in question.

And it really helps if you WANT to be found to pick a moderately unique term - I was lucky with tomatilla - realtively few tomatillas out ther - most people think of tomatillos with an o.