Tuesday, December 13, 2005

MT Image problem

Movable Type problem - notice how the images are not displaying on spittoon? well thats the problem. Any ideas? Have just moved the site over to a new server - spittoonextra needed all the images reuploaded for them to display. I have tried this on spittoon with no effect.

The fact there are over 900 images to load fills me with dread in reloading them individually. I have tried a few but they are still not displaying.... I dont think many people here use MT but any ideas? Unless the images are displaying for everyone else except me...

This post was written by Andrew from spittoon


paul said...

Almost all the images look OK to me, the only one I noticed missing is the Haras Sauvignon Blanc. It uses the same path (spittoon.biz/images/...) as all the others, so it's probably just missing.

Remember that Movable Type requires all kinds of rebuilding and reloading. Or your browser cache may have not caught up.

Note, I'm looking at it with Safari, and Mac IE5 screws up the image float, but images are there.

If you need to upload lots of images, get yourself an FTP program and do it that way. 900 images individually uploaded using MT's feature is just too dreadful to think about.

Andrew said...

well this is odd then as no images display to me at all... very frustrating... thanks for looking

paul said...

My debugging process for images goes in this order -

Browser cache issues- the last time the browser checked, it wasn't there, so it doesn't bother to check again.

Path problems- since typos and wrong directories are mistakes too easy to make,
Image format problems (CMYK jpegs and PNGs aren't viewable in some browsers),

Syntax issues, like unbalanced tags or missing quotes,

Browser based CSS rendering issues, like floats or unbalanced divs.

Does this page work when on the spittoonextra.biz server? If so, it's a browser thing. Either a browser-specific bug, or a cache issue. Did you empty your browser cache or try to view in a different brand of browser?

Your paths are fine, the 'img' links are ok, although a closing slash at the end of the tag is grammatically correct for this doctype. If images show up for you on the spittoonextra, it's harmless, since it's the same there. There are numerous minor syntax errors between the two sites, so it could be one little browser specific bug difference, but they look harmless at first glance to me.

The style and class applied to the images look fine, and there doesn't appear to be anything that would trip up a browser into not showing them.

Andrew said...

cheers for all that chap. it would seem it is my computer - no images display at all and the links do not work. however on this computer (in an internet enabled pub) it all works fine.... extra works fine no problem spittoon doesnt ... perplexing and annoying

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