Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Photo Contest for 2006

Before spittoon and spittoonextra give up the ghost entirely (I have had to put them on a new server and have had no end of problems - images not loading, links not working, rss feed not working...) I thought I would just sound out here if anyone would be interested in another monthly foodie photo contest?

It is not supposed to replace DMBLGIT but rather act as a catalyst for ideas. You could use the photos in DMBLGIT afterwards for example.

What I thought is that through 2006 each month would have a theme - say spoons or sandwiches, fruit or hand whisks and you would post a picture of your interpretation of the theme on your blog (with or without recipes/full post info). What do you think? Anyone interested?

It would be hosted on spittoonextra each month - if I can get the damn thing to work properly and I would ask a random blogger or friend to select one entry as that months 'best'.

This post was written by Andrew from spittoon/spittoonextra allegedly.


Andrew said...

oh and i need a name for the event. I thought Monthly Food Bloggers Photography Event MFBPE didnt exactly roll off the tongue.

Snapping To A Theme - STAT ?
Look What I've Taken - LWIT ?

Sam said...

Darn - I was already to the launch the same thing on January 1st. Already got the first theme planned.
Mine wasn't going to have roundups though - cos they are just too much hard work. The plan was to have auto round ups.

if you wanna talk about joining together email me.
I might just go ahead and do mine anyway - in competition to you. Hee hee
Cos I already had it planned. Plus my themes were intended to be a little less obvious. Definitelyno recipes.

cookiecrumb said...

I like the idea immensely.

Kalyn said...

Of course, I am a total novice photographer, but I love the idea of more chances to see good food blog photography.

I'm sorry Andrew, but nothing brilliant comes to mind for the name.

Cate said...

You can count me in ... both of you. ;) And once you guys work out the details (separately or together), let me know and I'll add it to Sticky Date. I can always use more practice with my picture taking, and rumour has it, Santa's bringing me a new toy to play with for Christmas.

ilva said...

I think it is a great idea!

Sam said...

Me and Andrew are having a mid atlantic duel.
Neither of us will compromise, we have a good name and I think we will sort it out in the end and everyone will be happy.

Andrew said...

Yeh, that Sam she is just sooo bossy! Getting a word in would be nice... ;-)

Andrew said...

Update - well it looks like we have reached a consensus. I wanted to settle the minor disagreements via a conker match but several arm burns later I submitted to Sams demands. I cant say much more as it is difficult to type with one arm locked behind your back and a nut cracker wrapped around a little finger... these headmistresses they know ALL the tricks...

Indira said...

Glad you guys worked it out.:)
You go Sam!:)

Looking forward to participating in this new event.

Indira said...

How about this idea? Two seperate categories for SLR digital and low range digital cameras.
How can a Nikon coolpix 5400 compete with Nikon D70 and 100?