Tuesday, January 10, 2006

[Event] D Day at Slashfood

Us good folks at Slashfood are hosting D Day on the 18th. Thats everything food related we can think of related to the letter D - if you join in with a fun D related recipe or post a prize may be awarded.

I was gunning for M myself but at least D gives us doughnuts :-)

This post was written by Andrew from slashfood etc


Sam said...

D is for Duh!
D-Day is June the 6th.

Andrew said...

oh shush its not that D day.... its a day for d's

Sam said...

oh - as long as you remember D-Dai si my birthday too, I'll let it slip.
The real D-Day, that is, not the day for Ds.
Are double D's allowed?