Saturday, January 14, 2006

[Event] Does My Blog Look Good In This

If no one objects - and my emails have so far gone unanswered - I will kick start DMBLGIT for 2006. The rules remain the same as last year. For Round 1 - email me (Andrew) at spittoon AT andys-scribblings DOT co DOT UK with the best image (one only) from your food/wine blog that was posted in December 2005.

Include the posts url, the country you live in and details of the camera (and the food if not in English). I will gather some judges and post the results before the end of the month. Deadline for your submission is 25th January. It doesnt give us long I realise....

If you wish to host the competition during 2006 please email me your name, location and blog name/url and I will draw up a list and post it somewhere accessable. First come, first served.

Andrew spittoonextra


Rachael said...

So basically, this event just fizzled out? That is so weird.

Nic said...

Good job, Andrew. All my e-mails went unanswered, as well!

Sam said...

You know, peoples' lives are more important than blogging and I am sure Ronald has very good reasons for letting it slip. I am certain he didn't do it on purpose. He just moved to a new country with his business and I expect he has other things on his mind than blogging.

Personally I wouldn't dream of starting it again without his word, but that's just me.

By the way - if something ever happens to me - there are people who can take over food blog scool. they know who they are, so no worries there.

Rachael said...

Im with Sam on this seems to me that it's Ronalds gig and without his say so, just taking it over may be uncool.



Sam said...

It's not like we don't have enough other events to keep us all occupied whilst Ronald takes a break, eh?

Andrew said...

the last time i talked to him he was fine with the help on is my blog burning so I assumed his work load was too much. I can always change the name if he objects and more than willing to hand it over if necessary. And loads of people kept emailing me asking if I knew what was happening with it.

It just seems a shame to let it slip away. So I am going ahead anyway... spank me if you like...

Andrew said...

apart from foodography there isnt any photo specific events to occupy us - is there?

Sam said...

the difference with IMBB is that he asked for the help.

kudos to you for forging ahead and getting things going, Andrew, but I still stand by the fact that personally I would never want to tread on anyones' toes quite so eagerly.

You did say "if no one objects" and I chose to object, but it makes no difference because you had already gone ahead and announced it on your site anyway.

What if Ronald already has a list of hosts lined up for 2006, and what if you have now preempted him by looking for new volunteers?

Anonymous said...

This is Ronald :-)

1. Thank you Andrew for the great work at IMBB. I have been way too busy over the past few months and Andrew saved the day.
2. Thank you Sam for being so understanding because I have been feeling so bad about letting things slip. But trying to set up several activities at the same time just meant something had to give.
3. Andrew you have my full authorisation to run the next DMBlgiT although I would like to retain control. I had in mind running a "best of" 2005 but we could even do that next month
4. If anyone would like to get involved with posting and updating (so as to give andrew a break as well) please e-mail me at ronald at istos dot it (you know what to do to fix the address)
5. I am so happy that people are into DMBlgiT :-)
6. sorry nic for not answering. They are all their with their little red flag next to them - please forgive me.

Cate said...

Andrew and Ronald - I've offered my assistance before, and the offer still stands. If either of you need help updating the sites/hosting, I'm happy to do what I can.

Sam said...

there you go - that's all we needed - a word of approval from Ronald.

Glad you are still alive Ronald!
We miss having you around.


Lex Culinaria said...

Cool. I wonder should it be for photos from both of November & December? I think there hasn't been a DMBLGIT since October