Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I wonder if you can help me with a slightly odd question.
I would like to know how my blog( got onto this web site, under Northern Europe food blog section: .

I am glad it is listed there, I just don't know or can't remember how I got there. And what some of the abbreviations mean(in particular - 'PR')
I put their logo on my blog today since I am listed.
Is it automatic or something?
Thank you.
Sorry if this all sounds a bit dumb.


Andrew said...

never heard of them myself - not that that is unusual. But these directory sites are so last decade, they do little I think in either supplying traffic or helping with your search engine ranking.

They dont have a page rnak of anything... not that Google Page rank is the b-all or end-all but its a good guide to the popularity of a site.

paul said...

That directory does take submissions, but they also do it by hand - in other words they found you somewhere and added you.

The directory won't help much if you're already out there linked, but it probably helps new people. At least I look at it once in awhile to make see if my list is missing anyone.

And about Google page rank, I haven't been able to figure it out - is a higher or lower number bettter?

Andrea said...

Ok. Thank you. I thought I was going a bit senile, not remembering to add myself on their site.
This explains it for me, thanks.

Silverbrow said...

A highger google PageRank is considered 'better', especially for ad purposes.

FJK said...

I checked out your blog and you have a button on the site for Chefs Blog. Is that new since you wrote the question? IF not you must have registered with them at some time to put the code for the button on your template.

They only "directory sites" that I get consistent referrals from are Food Porn Watch and Kips Log.