Sunday, January 01, 2006

Switching from Frontpage to Wordpress

Hi All,

To kick off the new year, I have been trying to switch my blog from Frontpage (which I started with because I had it and I knew how to use it, but it is really not sufficient for blogging) to Wordpress. Now it seems I've made a big mess of things, and I really need help.

Here are the details: my site is hosted by Godaddy. The first plan I signed up with was a Windows/ASP account. To run Wordpress, I had to switch to a Linux/PHP account. Now that I've done that, though, I can't access my directory files in the My Network Places location on my computer. My operating system is Windows XP, so now I'm thinking that I can't host a Linux account on that os. Is that right? Is Wordpress incompatible with Godaddy if I'm trying to publish from a Windows machine? Any suggestions about where to go from here?

I'm very new to all of this lingo, and the support forums at Wordpress or Godaddy don't have any answers to these questions (as far as I can tell). Any help would be soooo appreciated.

Happy 2006 to all of you!

This post was written by Jennifer from Weekly Dish


paul said...

Keep in mind that Frontpage and Wordpress work in completely different ways - Frontpage works by uploading files you've edited on your hard drive to the server, while Wordpress works by editing the files directly on the server. So it doesn't matter what kind of operating system you have.

When you changed Godaddy from the Windows/ASP to a Linux account, your directory names would have changed, so that's probably why your Network Places doesn't work.

You should still be able to fix the directory settings and reach your directories on the Godaddy server through My Network Places if you want to upload images etc, but editing files should be done through the Wordpress admin control thingy from your web browser.

Godaddy should be compatible with Wordpress, as long as you have an account with PHP and a MySql database.

culinary bookworm said...

Thanks for clarifying; your explanation really helped. I've officially made the switch and am playing with templates. My new Wordpress-run blog should be up by the end of the week (fingers crossed, of course.)
Thanks for the help!

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