Wednesday, February 01, 2006

[Browsers] IE7 Beta

Just released a pre-beta version of IE7 -for testing what your site looks like. I have been using it for a few hours and its fine - great in fact - but I did notice a couple of display issues on spittoon/spittoon extra that will need fixing (especially in the banner area)

Download from

This post written by Andrew of spittoon etc


Silverbrow said...

Looks a lot like Firefox 1.5 to me.

Interesting that they waited a couple of months after the latest version of Ffox went live to release this. I imagine there's been a lot of testing and digging around ffox. At least it will introduce everyone to the wonders of tabbed browsing, however, for my money I still prefer Firefox. If nothing else, it's far safer than the sieve like MS offering.

Andrew said...

now you dont know that... and Firefox is not perfectly safe either

Andrew said...

For details of the improvements - some of which are not in firefox see

Silverbrow said...

You're right, I don't know it but I'm taking a guess. Just look at the design of the user interface, it owes far more to FFox than it does to IE e.g. the new search box in the top left of the screen, the new back and forward arrows. As for security, I agreed Firefox is not perfect but it is much safer than IE6, and going on MS's recent record it will be a while until IE7 is up to scratch.

paul said...

While on the subject of FireFox Security:

Security update out for Firefox 1.5 "The update, Firefox version, patches a total of eight security vulnerabilities. One is deemed "critical" by Mozilla, four are rated "moderate" risk, and three are tagged "low" risk. The more serious flaws could let an attacker take over a system running a vulnerable version of Firefox, according to Mozilla's security alerts."