Thursday, February 02, 2006

Technorati Tags

I thought that TypePad (by way of the RSS feeds) was tagging each of my posts to Technorati. But I've discovered that's not so. I've followed their instructions for pinging their site for each past post. But when it comes tagging future posts, is there something in my TypePad settings that I can change so that it does it automatically? FYI, is case you can't tell, I am severely technically-challenged...

And any suggestions/feedback on Technorati would be greatly appreciated.

Vanessa from she craves


Alicat said...

As far as I can tell (I may be wrong, but this is what I do) I put in the ping address in the box that says: Send a TrackBack to these addresses.

Then it saves it and waits until the post is published to ping Technorati. Let me know if you don't see this box or need any help with it. And sorry if I am wrong! :)

vanessa said...

i've gone back and manually put in the technorati tag on all the posts and re-published, so hopefully it works!

otherwise, i'll just get used to pinging on the technorati site. hell, i surf the web enough anyway. Thanks Alicat!