Sunday, March 26, 2006

Editing/Loading Images onto TypePad

When I shoot images vertically, I naturally rotate them in my iPhoto program and save them that way. But when I upload them onto TypePad for a post, they appear un-rotated/unedited. I've been tinkering with the images all morning and I've had no luck having TypePad read them as rotated. Argh. Am I missing a step?

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Jennifer Maiser said...

Wow, Vanessa, I had never seen your blog and your pictures are amazing.

From what I know, which isn't much, you probably have to resave it in iPhoto ... as a differently named jpg, or using an export function ... before uploading to typepad.

What you are describing doesn't really sound like Typepad, so I think it's that something isn't translating to the file.

ie., When I view photos in windows, I can choose to rotate them and they will always look rotated when I view them, but it didn't really make a change to the actual file which will stay un-rotated.

Does that make any sense?

If not, we can just wait for Paul to answer. He knows all. :-)

Anonymous said...

iPhoto doesn't actually make changes to the original photo, so you are likely to have this problem with any app, other than iPhoto, that you want to use your photos in. So, you do have to go through an export process.

However, there's a great little applet called PhotoToTypePad that I used to use that makes it really easy to upload to Typepad albums and since it works from within iPhoto, you never have to mess with exporting, etc.

The other thing I'd highly recommend is using ecto, an editor, for your blog posts. Ecto has integrated iPhoto support that takes care of all of it for you as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vanessa, your pictures are indeed great.

I think Jen is right: you need to first export the JPEG that is edited before uploading. I would also recommend using another image program (I use Photoshop) to "Save For Web," which reduces file size.

As far as the advice for Ecto, I am not sure. If it lets you work on, and save as a WYSIWYG work in progress, then I would endorse it. Typepad's editing and formatting are great (I use Firefox for full benefits: Camino and Safari are much worse), but more than once I have lost an entire post when my browser hung on me, and I had to force-quit.

I've taken to occasionally copying and pasting all the HTML code, but that's a hassle, too.

One question about Ecto: how on earth would it recognize the unique URL for any images uploaded to Typepad? I no longer name my images, since I found out that they are more protected from specific Google searches if they're just "IMG_0041.jpg," for example. But I may have three or four images with the same original file name, which becomes "IMG_0041.jpg", "IMG_0041_1.jpg," and "IMG_0041_2.jpg," as needed.

Hmmmm. I'm not sure it will meet the needs of the Typepad blogger.

Nice to meet you, Vanessa. Come and stick a pin in the Food Bloggers' Global Map. (Center by clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse, and zoom in. Lather, rinse, repeat. E-mail me if you need help (tana at tanabutler dot com).

Anonymous said...

I am so embarrassed. I forgot to close a parentheses in my post.

Oh, the shame, the shame!

{/Dr. Smith on "Lost in Space"}

: D

Anonymous said...

hmmm, okay, sounds like I need to get another image program.

Thanks guys for taking the time to answer. I'll play around a bit, maybe buy a program and report back if I'm still very technologically confused. :)

Anonymous said...

Tana -

I had a typepad blog when I started using ecto, and they work brilliantly together. I moved over to Wordpress recently, and it still works as well.

I was a little confused on your name conflict issue - do you mean that you have files with the exact same names, but in different directories? I'm not sure what ecto does for file name conflicts, as i didn't have this problem... but it does let you set the name of the file when you add it to your post... so you could do whatever you are doing now.

Ecto has a free trial, so you can see if it works for you.

The other applet - PhotoToTypepad is free I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm too tired at the moment to be omniscient ( I even had to spell check that), but I don't need to be, since you guys are right - you're probably uploading the unchanged original image, so exporting from iPhoto is the easiest solution.

The next option for making better compressed jpegs and other edits is the shareware Mac image editing app called Graphic Converter.

But your photos are good enough to take the next step and get serious with PhotoShop Elements, (the 80 dollar 'lite' version of its expensive brother).

Naming conventions is another whole subject, but believe me, you'll eventually start overwriting your own work if you name food 'eggplant.jpg' etc.

Catherine said...

Interesting...I had this problem too (to Blogger, not typepad). I'll try resaving with a different name. I got around the problem by uploading to Flickr.