Sunday, March 12, 2006


For my SHF roundup I produced a clickable map rather than a text/picture roundup that is the event norm. What do people think of this - any good? should the flags have been a picture of the entry or is the long write-up really read head to toe (rather than skimming to make sure your entry is listed).

This Post was written by Andrew (again)


RadiationWatch said...

This is just my opinion, and you must have put in a lot of time on it... but the map is sort of not that useful. It's nice of course to see where people are, but not that relevant. Besides, you run into the problem of the US covered with American flags since of course, the majority of bloggers are in the US :)

When I look at the roundups of such events I am mainly interested in the recipes/food. The type with the little photo + description work best in that sense. If you want to you could always group the listing by geographical region, if it's relevant.

Kevin said...


I agree with Maki. I do skim the list, but I'm looking for entries I want to follow up on. For instance, I'm doing rhubarb fool for a class and if I hadn't already known you'd posted a recipe I certainly would have wanted to find out.

Andrew said...

I can see what you are saying but each one does have a roll over that says what each one links to. The American flags are a bit bigger than others which doesnt help though. An image of each post in stead of a flag wouldnt have worked as they would have been too small I think.

I could have combined the flags with a rollover image to pop a larger image (from each blog) up in the corner over that annyoying cow - but time pressures precluded that.

I would have thought skimming over the rollovers would have been easier than reading through a wodge of text. And for searching blogs there is always technorati; not that it seems to work for everyone.

It didnt actually take that much time at all - what did take the time was commenting on everyones blog. afterwards!