Wednesday, April 19, 2006

(Tech) Question about Technorati

Hi fellow food writers -

First of all, thanks to Sam for this amazing group. It's an incredible resource.

I'm a Boston-based food writer. I started my own website last fall but am still trying to make the transition from print to Web (and back again). Whew, it's a mind-bender.

Given my limited understanding of all things virtual, I wondered if anyone could explain what Technorati is, whether it's worth signing up for, what signing up accomplishes, and what rights you're signing away when you hit the "I agree" button on their contract.

Thanks so much, and cheers from Boston.

This Post was written by Betsy from Mama Cooks


Andrew said...

Technorati is a blog only search engine.

By signing up and claiming your blog your writings will be indexed and thus available for people searching for your specific topic. You can tag posts (categories also get classed as a tag) to reach specific topic subjects.

Kalyn said...

Personally I think one very useful aspect of Technorati is the "who links here" feature where it will tell you who has linked to you and how many links you have. I use it for this more than anything.

I do notice that I get quite a few referrers from Technorati, but it may be because my blog topic is quite specific.

nika said...

Kalyn: I have been looking at my technorati account for my blog (technorati has been evil lagged out today so this has been very frustrating) but I can not seem to find a link or button that says "who links here" anywhere.. where did you fnd that?



Kalyn said...

Nika, this is something that only shows up if you configure it that way. After you have claimed your blog on Technorati, go into you account and then into "configure your blog" and you will see a menu of choices at the bottom. There are boxes to click to have the Technorati logo show up and to have a link for "blogs that link here". There are some other choices too, can't remember them all. Let me know if this doesn't make sense, and I'll go back and read exactly what it says (it's been a while since I set it up.)

nika said...

Kalyn: awesome.. I had all that selected and realized that the link was on my site (and not at the account page) but technorati is choking up still so I am not sure if its working yet.

Thanks again!


Betsy said...

Thanks for the feedback -- much appreciated.

SaltShaker said...

the really useful part of the "who links to my blog" part isn't just the knowledge that folks out there like my blog enough to link to it, which is gratifying, but more so, I've been able to find more offbeat things like a few press notices that I didn't know were out there.

Gabriella True said...

Very helpful! I just put some technorati tags on my blog and maybe one day someone will link to my blog. lol