Sunday, August 06, 2006

[Miscellaneous] Qumana

Have you guys tried Qumana yet? These guys sponsored one of my attendance days at BlogHer.

I started playing with their sofware in the days before the show, and I LOVE IT. I can manage all my blogs, be they built on blogger, TypePad, MovableType... whatever. It goes out and picks up the formatting for each blog and loads it to the software.

You can create posts in WYSIWYG or in HTML, and hold them for publishing offline. You can import files or images in much the same way as other blogging software.

The neat thing for me has been to be able to add technorati tags on the fly, and not have to worry about tweaking code for them.

I travel a ton for work, and I hated having create text files of all my posts for fear of losing them to a dumpled wireless connection. This way, I keep all my posts for all my blogs in one software, and when I think of something I want to say, I just pop open a new window and GO.

Totally loving it.

This Post was written by Fatemeh from Gastronomie.


Derrick said...


Thanks for the tip (they get bonus points for having a Mac OS X version). Right now, I just use a text editor and put in all my own HTML, but I'll give this a try.

We fear change.

Sam said...

the technorati tag cheat is definitely tempting enough to cause me to check it out forthwith!

s'kat said...

I'm downloading it right now... it looks pretty sweet, thanks for sharing this!

David said...

yow! That is really cool. No more HTMLing in that teeny-tiny Movable Type box. Thanks for the tip, Fatemeh xx

Owen said...

I've used it and like it and I also like (perhaps even more) the Performancing extension for Firefox - much of the same functionality.

Chris said...

Could someone explain what the technorati tags do?

Sam said...

Chris - if you look at the archives indices you will see that one up from the bottom entitled
"all about tags and tagging"
have a read through those and if you are still unclear of have specific new questions, then please create a new post on the subject, that way the info won't be buried in the comments of another post and will be easier to archive later..



Andrea said...

I'm experimenting with it. I use a plugin for WordPress called Bad Behavior that protects my blog from spambots, but unfortunately it thinks that Qumana is a spambot and I was locked out of my blog admin for a while. I had both Akismet and Bad Behavior running, with Bad Behavior basically functioning as a backup for Akismet. I finally deleted Bad Behavior based on feedback on the WordPress support forums regarding its compatibility with Qumana. I guess if a few spam comments slip through Akismet, I just won't worry about it.