Saturday, August 26, 2006

[OFF TOPIC] Thank you!

May I just take a moment to publicly thank the San Francisco food bloggers (led by our very kind and thoughtful headmistress, Sam) who took the time to send their best wishes to me for recovery from my stroke. The card I found when I finally arrived home this afternoon must undoubtedly feature the most gorgeous photograph I have ever seen of your hometown!

Thank you Shuna (Eggbeater), Anita and Mike (Dessert First, Kat (Kung, Amy (Cooking with Amy), Jen (The Hungry Hedonist), Catherine (Albion Cooks), Derrick (Obsession With Food), Julie (A Finger in Every Pie), the bunny rabbits at (, and most especially Sam (Becks and Posh) for organizing it all.

I'd also like to thank these other food bloggers for their words of encouragement. They really helped buoy my spirits: my main man Garrett (Vanilla Garlic), Callipygia (FOODCHAIR), Kalyn (Kalyn's Kitchen), kitchenmage (Kitchen Mage), Barbara (Winos and Foodies), AK (Kitchen Parade), Marianne (The Unemployed Cook), David (David Lebowitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris and i'm sooo jealous! ;-), drbiggles (Meathenge), Anni (Life Is a Banquet), Karen (Like to Cook), and L Vanel (Lucy's Kitchen Notebook). Bless you all.

This Post was written by Willa Frank from Sorry Fugu


sam said...

Willa - I am glad to hear you are home at last. I really hope your recovery is going well and you wont have to spend another long stretch in the hospital.

we are all thinking of you,


Kalyn said...

I"m happy to hear you're home and hope you're doing better.