Thursday, September 07, 2006

[MISC] Another missing blogger?

Sorry this is somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know what's become of Viv and Seattle Bon Vivant? She's one of my favorite food bloggers, but I hadn't noticed until recently that she hasn't posted anything new since May 6. I hope all is well with her and hope someone has an update to share.

This Post was written by Willa Frank from Sorry Fugu


Amy Sherman said...

Yes. She went through a few months when, for a myriad of reasons, blogging just wasn't possible. I'll let her tell as much of her story as she wants to tell. But she is alive and well in fact I saw her just recently when I was in Seattle. She promises to be back to blogging very, very shortly. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts up again this week!

anni said...

Viv's back on-line. My heart goes out to her...

Thanks, Amy, for being such a good friend. I hope to get to know you better. I have found you to be giving and full of goodness.


Willa Frank said...

thank you, ladies. i am thankful that Viv is back among us and send her my very best wishes.