Monday, September 25, 2006

[Movable Type] Rebuild Problem

Can anyone help with a movable type rebuild problem?

Everytime I try and rebuild the individual archive on spittoon it crashes. The server load gets too high apparently; so much so they switched off the site (and spittoonextra) for 12 hours. The rebuild popup box doesnt get past the rebuilding 1-40 page.

I cant see what the problem is as the template is basically the same as on spittoonextra which rebuilds fine. The hosts cant give any advice on what to do apart from change the template and rebuild. But if its a different problem they will just switch it off again...

I thought perhaps it was a duplicate archive set using a different css file (acting as a print only version) that would be doubling the rebuild load. I have deleted all associated files and tried a rebuild but no success (which knocked off the site for another couple of hours). Where should I be looking? Would it be something in a post? Before the template change it worked ok but as this is basically a default template and works fine on spittoonextra I dont understand why this would be an issue. All other archives/files rebuild with no problem.

This Post was written by Andrew from spittoon/spittoonextra


Ian said...

Hi Andrew, Rebuild issues with Movable Type are quite common unfortunately, particularly if you're using shared hosting. Drop me an email via and I'll pass you some things to check.

All the best,


paul said...

Yea, I had similar problems years ago, and my hosting service solved most of them.

Unfortunately my brain is full of the thousands of other specialties I troubleshoot so server stuff goes over my head.

Ian, if there's some simplified explanation as to what causes these rebuild errors, let us know.