Friday, January 12, 2007

[Miscellaneous] Moving Host

My host is far too slow, and I need to move my wordpress site. I have backups of all my sql database, files etc. I have the company I bought my domain from, and I assume that I just update the name servers with them to those that my new host will give me, and transfer the relevant files over?

Any tips appreciated to make this as painless a process as can be.

This Post was written by Scott from Real Epicurean


kungfoodie kat said...

Hi Scott...I highly recommend I use this site for all my business clients. You can also try for budget packages.

Be sure to copy your stats log files too. If you're using Awstats you can just copy the reports. It helps if you can upload all your files to the new host before changing the domain DNS settings.

Cameron said...

Hi Scott,

Echoing kungfoodie kat, get your site up and working on your new host *before* you switch the DNS. You can test it by using the IP address that your new host gave you to access your account. Once you're sure that everything is working properly, write down the IP address for your old account, then repoint the DNS.

FWIW, I just moved to Good pricing and good customer service so far.