Sunday, July 17, 2005

[Promotion] New directory thingy

It is new - so not many sites listed as yet - but may be worth listing your site on. A little bit of code needs to be added to the front page of your blog which displays the number of visitors.

Why add it? Well we all like to know how other people feel about our site and blogtopsites allows comments to be left and ratings made on each listed blog. At the end of the day it is more exposure for your site. Another link cant hurt.

I have been in email communication with the chap behind blogtopsites; he has made a couple of adjustments - like changing the topic from just food to food and drink. It may come to nothing or it may develop into something important. Run with it and lets see what happens...


Sam said...

Interesting Andrew, thanks for the headsup - its's nice they reset every month to give new people a change.

Because I use sitemeter, I have never had access before to information like 'unique hits' so I am unfamiliar with it but can guess what it means.

I can't, however, guess what Out could possibly mean. ANyone care to enlighten me?

Unique Hits This Reset 21
Hits This Reset 29
Total Hits 29
Total Unique Hits 21
Out 3
Total Out 3

Amy Sherman said...

I don't think the number displays how many visitors but your blogs "rank" in their system. Should be interesting. Nice way to be able to rate our favorite blogs--those that participate of course!

eat stuff said...

Hi Sam
I have just started using (free version)and it is MUCH better than the free version of sitemeter

you can see all these stats
Popular Pages
Entry Pages
Exit Pages
Came From
Keyword Analysis
Recent Keyword Activity
Search Engine Wars
Visitor Paths
Visit Length
Returning Visits
Recent Pageload Activity
Recent Visitor Activity
System Stats
Lookup IP Address

I find the visitor paths is the best stat for me.

A unique hit is each "unique visitor" where as total hits or page views reflects the total number of pages that have been viewed.

EG: A unique visitor might view 3 pages on your blog. This would count as 1 unique visit and 3 total hits or page views.

A unique visit is generally lasts a specific time (eg 5mins or 1/2 and hour) that is set up by the site or statistics package. It uses your IP (Internet Protocal Address) to identify individual visitors. Some stats packages will give the browser a cookie to see if it is a returning visitor or a new visitor (taking into account browser cookie settings and browser history cache refreshing)

I hope that makes sense! And I havent told anyone to suck eggs....

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

I just started using statcounter, too! I like it a lot better than my old counter from Bravenet because like Clare says, it gives you a lot of info. I signed up for blogtopsites too - as soon as I put the code in, it showed a "3", so I'm pretty sure it isn't a hit counter. Just in case, I'm keeping my statcounter counter, and I "buried" the blogtopsites counter at the very bottom of the page ;)

Anonymous said...

As I do not have a Blogger account, I have to post this anonymously (I am from BlogTopSites).

As an example, if I was to visit this site (Food Blog) 4 times in one day, that is 4 hits and 1 unique hit. The unique hit though is measured in a timespan - be it 12 hours or one year. What we do is reset the list once every month, so that the unique visitor counter is for the full month.

'Out' is the amount of traffic we send to your site. As the site grows (we are about 2 weeks old) and we strike more alliances (blogcatalog, portal eatonweb, etc) we except the traffic we send out (as it will also be very targetted traffic) to grow :)


eat stuff said...

it appears to be based upon unique hits since reset, and your rating to i am sure, as I bet the person above me with unique hits and I moved up a rank.

Joe said...

I have been using as well and have really enjoyed all the information they display - and its free!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add - the more people that signup, the more useful it becomes (more poeple interested in teh same topic checking out your sites). So remember to spread the word :)


Cate said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I just registered my site.

Andrew said...

The advantage of this thingy is the on blog meter you can use. Well have to use. It shows your rank within the group you put your blog in.

It shouldnt be used as an alternative to a proper site meter such as stat counter which i also use.

When I suggested this I want expectting to be bumped from numero 1 to a lowly 7!!! come on now... ;-)

Sam said...

food blog s'cool is now itself a member too.

I am totally embarassed about my excess of hits today. I don't normally have that many. It's up at least 200 more than normal, if not more. I blame Rachael Ray, I'm sure the extra visitors must be on her account.

Lisa said...

Mine's up way more than normal too...Christopher Walken! I'll be back to the bottom of the list in a few days:)

Kalyn Denny said...

I signed up for Blogtopsites too and just wanted to let everyone know I had a very good experience with Ahmed when I was having trouble and had to e-mail him. It was amazing how much help he gave me.

I also like the fact that they group the blogs by category.