Saturday, July 23, 2005

[TAGS] [Promotion] Do You Tag?

Been round a few sites and seen tags? No! Well if you have been to you will see at the bottom of each post a little technorati tags line.

What is it? Hard to explain briefly but it has been described as book marking – you decide the topics your post fits into. Then others can find your post using the same tags. Social book-marking is similar but this is where others tag a post they didn’t author.

Topics? With relevance to this forum you would take the existing tags such as Food and Drink, wine, wine tasting notes and add a tag to the bottom of your post. You could add your own too – such as muffins, recipes, eggs whatever you like.

Set-Up.You must first register your site at Follow the instructions but if your site is not indexed within a day or two a little email prompt to the site should work. You can then also add a technorati profile link to your blogs sidebar too. Don’t forget to upload an icon (perhaps the same as your gravatar icon). This image will be displayed against each of your posts.

If you are adding tags manually – a simple cut and paste is what I use – you would add a line of code such as

{div class="technoratitag"}Technorati Tags:
{a href="" rel="tag" target="_Blank"}wine{/a}  {a href="" rel="tag" target="_blank"}food & drink{/a} {a href="" rel="tag" target="_blank"}wine tasting{/a}{/div}

(replace {} with <>)

As you can see there are three tags here – wine, food and drink and wine tasting. Multiple words need a + between them.

To tell technorati that a new post has been added to your blog you need to ping them. Most blogging tools have a permanent ping these sites type box. Either tick the technorati box, add the following to the list
or can do it manually by going to the technorati ping page – I think wordpress pings technorati via ping-o-matic automatically but not sure.

Uses – Frequent Searches and make a search an RSS feed
If you would like to track a particular topic – it’s a great way to discover new blogs and keep up to date with recent news stories – you can set up a technorati ‘watchlist’ For example to set up a watch list on recipes do a search on that tag.
On the search results page – along with blog posts and flcikr/buzznet photos, there is a little link in the top right ‘add to watchlist’. Click on that.
Now you have regularly updated ‘recipe’ page. If you are using an RSS feed reader you can add that watchlist to your reader – there is little blue RSS button on that page.

Uses – Track your own blog
Vain? Umm, that’s me! Set up a watchlist on your blog name and/or url. Now everytime someone mentions you on a blog you can see who and what!

Uses – Link to technorati
Want a link to the latest muffin recipes? Set a link to or just those tagged with recipes

Relevant Tags
I suggest the following either to add to each post you make or to set up as a watchlist – food+and+drink, recipes, wine, wine tasting, eomeote, wbw, wine+blogging+Wednesday etc etc

This post refers to Technorati – the main blog search directory. Others use tags too. Flickr for example and another blog search site IceRocket. If you use WordPress there is a plug-in for adding tags to your posts which points to technorati, and flickr. I use movabletype and manually add tags to each post.


Kalyn Denny said...

This was a great article. However, since I'm in first grade (in this school), I want to be sure I am understanding something you said. I have been putting technorati tags on my posts, (manually like you said) however I didn't know I had to ping technorati every time I added a post. I guess I thought inserting the tag automatically did that. So after I post something and look at it on my blog, do I just click on the little technorati box on my site? I don't think I've ever done that (duh). Thanks for your help.

Andrew said...

No (in a word). Where I said tick the box I meant that in your blog configuration setup there may be a box to tick (there is in movabletype). If you dont have this go to and fill out your site details.

Andrew said...

Kalyn on your tags such as low carb they are showing up as just the first word. You need to put low+carb in the link.

Kalyn Denny said...

Thank you so much for your help with this. I could not figure out why I didn't seem to ever find any of my stuff on Technorati. I was never putting the + between multiple words. My brother is the one who taught me about Technorati and apparently he does not need the plus with whatever he is using (not Blogger.) Nearly all my tags are wrong, so I have some work to do but it's a relief to know why it was not working. Again, Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It doesn't seem possible to add technorati tags to my weblogs in the page. I am using Typepad basic. I pasted the html from your article after changing the bracket style but nothing except 'Technorati Tag:' showed up.Please help.

Elise said...

For you Movable Type users, I posted a tutorial about using Technorati tags here:

Andrew said...

deccanheffalump - not sure why they are not showing - they are just normal links...

do you use divs on your main text - try wrapping the code in a div.

Anonymous said...

What if Technorati isn't one of the choices to ping? I am registered, and my blog is claimed.

Yikes, what a steep learning curve. I feel like I'm in kindergarten...on another planet.

Andrew said...

You can ping by going to the site and doing it manually at

Or you could use which will ping .. lets see... 15 different sites. Very useful.

You have to ping each time you update your site - you dont have to use tags to ping - pinging just tells these directories that you have updated your site.

Anonymous said...

Thank Andrew. Have done something and I hope it is the right thing

Anonymous said...

hi - i don't know if anyone has come across this. i have just blogged a risotto recipe. i tagged three categories; risotto, rice and food. risotto works and is now listed in technorati, but the other two don't appear. the only thing that i can think is that i didn't use the correct syntax.. is there any that should be different in the subsequent tags?
great post by the way andrew...

cheers, steve