Saturday, July 30, 2005

[Tags][Promotion] Icerocket

Just continuing the thread from a week or so ago I see that another blog search site - Icerocket - now supports tags. icerocket seems to be generating a lot of interest in the techie side of the blog world - i still prefer technorati mind but making sure you are listed on both can only help raise the profile of your site.

Icerocket seems to pick up the same tags as technorati from the same code. So the spittoon posting on the napa declaration shows the full technorati tags line in the icerocket search results.

It may be worth altering the tag code to exclude a direct reference to technorati. The code to tag specifically for icerocket is

{a href="" rel="tag"}tagname{/a}

If you want to tag a word within text, rather than have a seperate line of tags, you can add rel=tag to any a href. ie

{a href="" rel="tag"}wine tasting notes{/a}

Not sure if technorati picks this up though but worth experimenting.

You need to ping icerocket, as with other such facilities, via or online.

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