Friday, September 02, 2005

[Tags] Technorati site tags

If you tag your posts for use in technorati you may be interested in the new developments at the site.

Now you can tag your blog as a whole. You need to claim your blog first but under Account there is a 'configure this blog link'. Here you can enter a description of your blog and fill our 20 words/tags. Spittoon was already index and displayed 15 or so tags already - most were fine but I changed a couple.

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Lisa said...

I'm having trouble getting tech to accept my picture. I upload it, but it doesn't show. Can anyone help?

Andrew said...

how big a picture are you loading? mine is 60x60 and a jpeg. Does that help?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the configuration bit in technorati Andrew.

Ed said...

Great tip. Now hoping to jump up the rankings.
I've the same problem as Lisa. I made my pic 60x60 but it just won't upload. I've tried using both Safari and Firefox but to no avail. Any ideas?

Andrew said...

no, in a word.

I do seem to recall having a similar problem initially. I think I tried to delete an existing image (even though it wasnt displaying) and then uploading again.