Monday, May 22, 2006

[blogger] Three Column Templates

Hi, everyone!

After many months of lurking on Food Blog S'cool and reading about other bloggers searching for the Holy Grail of templates -- a three column one, based on the popular Minima design, to use with Blogger -- I finally found some very nice ones by a kind gentleman from Rotterdam named Thur. I am using one of them for my new food blog, customizing it with different colors and fonts, adding text boxes for category names, etc. (The blog itself is only in its second week of "life" and so, still more or less "under construction", but I am trying to post regularly).

I highly recommend you take a look at Thur's Templates if you are looking for some cool alternatives to the same old same old. He's very good at explaining things and responds if you leave a question about problems implementing the code. Oh, and there are also two column templates if that's more your thing!

This Post was written by WILLA FRANK from SORRY FUGU


Dolores said...

Thanks for sharing... I'm getting ready to start thinking about 'remodeling' my blog, so your timing is perfect. Welcome to blogging!

Willa Frank said...

dear Culinarily Curious,

thanks! i've learned so much about customizing my blog by reading other people's food blogs. it was high time for me to try and give a little something back! :-)

Owen said...

wish I'd relised you were looking - about three years ago I spent a full year figuring it all out - if you check out you'll see a smooth three column that resizes nicely - although I have my own host it is in fact a blogger site.

anyone who wants to know how to do the basics without a more complex template, let me know

Willa Frank said...

thanks, owen. i came across thur's templates totally out-of-the-blue. can't even remember how i got there now! LOL. i may call upon you for some technical help in the future if you're available...