Thursday, May 18, 2006

Google Page Ranking??

Can anyone please explain how the Google Page Ranking works as I must admit to being rather baffled.

According to Technorati I have quite a few sites linking to mine but when I search for my Google page ranking I get a message saying that there are no pages which link to mine.

What?? Am I missing something??

Thanks loads in advance to anyone who can clarify things.

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Derrick said...

For obvious reasons, Google isn't very forthcoming about how PageRank works, but it's some combination of sites that link to you as a weighted average with the PageRank of those sites, plus the "rarity" of the link from that site.

Thus a link from an A-Lister who rarely links to anyone gets you more points than a link from a new blog that links to everyone. So Vinography's a very popular site, but his many links would "earn" you less than an equally popular site that rarely linked outwards.

Of course, enough minuscule blogs pointing at you, and you get the same effect, which is why spam blogs exist (that, and AdSense). As an aside, this ability to game PR makes lots of people (including me), believe that PR is no longer all that useful, but it's still the best game in town.

Some other things I've picked up over the years: PageRank gaps are logarithmic, so it's much easier to get from 4 to 5 than 5 to 6. Also, date seems to be a factor, which is why blogs typically come up higher in searches (they're updated more often).

In the end, PR is a voodoo number, and you're probably better off not trying to figure out how to reverse-engineer it, especially since Google changes the formula frequently with small tweaks and optimizations.

Anonymous said...

Have you googled this? One of the better answers you'll get is this link:

For a blog, all that seems to matter is how many other blogs and websites link to you and how high their own PRs are. Authorative is also supposed to be important; i.e., a link from a government site counts for more than a non-government site.

The higher a pages PR, the higher it comes up in searches.

Derrick said...

Ah, that makes sense. The common parlance of PageRank is "what makes you come up in a search result" but in fact that seems to be a number of factors in addition to PageRank. It's the aggregate, then, that's voodoo.

Pascal said...

The short answer is that it takes time for anything to appear in Google. It takes time for a combination of reasons, the main 2 being that they use an iterative process to incrementally index everything, and it also prevents spammers from creating too many sites too quickly.
You seem to be confusing pagerank and links to your site (also called backlinks). Both are related.
Pagerank is calculated from number of links to your site, their relevance (quality), their own pagerank (and there has been countless articles written about it). Here's a simple one (altough maybe a bit too heavy on the math) that describes Page rank.
While backlinks can take a while to show up in google, they will eventually show up. You can check out part 2 of an article I wrote on how to find backlinks. There should be a link to page one from there.
Your site is already in the index, and while "" does not find any links, "" does find a few.
Getting an actual page rank can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks (rare) to 4-6 months. It looks like your site has been up since March, so this is not unusual to not have a pagerank yet.
My advice: just be patient, focus on adding great content to your site like you've done so far, and you will do great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for the advice and thanks Pascal for your kind words!

Tery Spataro said...

This may be helpful: Alexa is the standard most advertisers use to determine ranking:

Also take a look at Blogpulse tools will give you a lot of information on your blog as well.

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