Thursday, November 16, 2006

CSS problems in safari


I have some problems with my blog formatting correctly in Safari. It displays with no padding in between columns, making things difficult to read. I use wordpress using a found theme that somewhat suited what I wanted. Though from there I completely bastardized it, taking out entire sections and resizing the borders and padding and CSS styles. This is definitely where the problem lies though it displays fine under IE and Firefox. Does anyone know some quick fixes for such a problem or do I have to go back to square one and redesign with Safari in mind? Has anyone one had problems with Safari in general?

This Post was written by Conor from I Think Food is Great


Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

if its any consolation... Safari only accounts for 7.86% of my readership. Have you checked where Safari stands in the average readership of your blog?

General css advice:
- keep it simple,
- stick with the standards, don't design with a specific browser in mind,
- try to avoid absolute positioning.

Sorry I don't have a fix-all answer for you Conor.

Anonymous said...

yeah my readership for safari is just about 15%. I think the absolute positioning comment actually gives me something to look for.