Thursday, November 23, 2006

[RSS] Name and Shame

Anyone else rely on RSS feeds to read blogs? YES I hear many cry... I want to apply pressure on those who do not offer a feed - without it I wont read you. I am now going to name and shame two (in the wild hope they will cave in under the exacting pressure)

This Post was written by Andrew from spittoon etc

Note added to this post from Sam Breach the Food Blog S'cool Admin : the blogs previously named by Andrew have since been removed from this post due to the fact that the creator of the blog in question was not happy about being publicly shamed. I agree that the point can be made adequately without outing people or embarassing them, and Food Blog S'cool is not the place for picking on people or bullying.


Ilva said...

Oh yes I hope Jenni of Pertelote will get one!

Anonymous said...

Not geeky at all, it's the only way I read blogs. I can't understand why you wouldn't have an RSS feed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I read blogs through the feeds. I scan all the blogs I read in BlogBridge, and then click on posts that I think are particularly interesting.

Kalyn Denny said...

I rarely read blogs any other way now, except for once a month or so when I go to Food Porn Watch and spend an hour or two adding new blogs to my bloglines list. I do click through from the feed reader and leave comments when I can, but using the feed reader helps me see more quickly when I'd like to read the whole thing.

Kalyn Denny said...

One more note, if you're new to the whole idea of feeds, I highly recommend Feedburner (which I learned about from Andrew on FBS - thanks Andrew!) It is easy to use and has a lot of good options.

Anonymous said...

I'm a feed addict too!

In fact, Kaylyn reminded me I should probably head over to Food Porn Watch and update a lot of those feeds. It's been a few months!

Alanna Kellogg said...

Domestic Goddess does have a feed (two, I think, when checking yesterday). There are times when Bloglines (it that's your reader) doesn't recognize a feed even when it exists though I haven't studied under what circumstances. If you're really serious about 'creating' a feed, you can use the Watch That Page feature on Bloglines. It's not intuitive but it's great for sites you really want to watch.

MizD said...

Now that we're on the subject...

Sometimes I check my recent visitors stats and it appears, though I'm not entirely certain, that a few people are getting 404 errors when attempting to access my RSS feeds. I'm wondering if this is due to the changeover I made a while back from MT to Wordpress. I attempted to update the feeds but I'm not sure if my update worked and I may have lost a few readers in the process. Anyone know of a good way to make absolutely sure all of a site's feeds are working?

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

bloglines does recognize Domestic Goddess's feed:
- option one
- option two

Been reading her through it for quite awhile.

This may be an appropriate time to edit this post with a strikethrough tag on her outing.

Andrew said...

nope, not gonna - neither firefox or IE detect any feed on the site and blogbridge doesn't like those feeds you supplied either.

Kalyn Denny said...

Mrs. D, if you use Bloglines you can use the subscribe button to subscribe to your own feed and it will tell you what feeds are being recognized. If I remember I'll check for you when I get home from school. (Remind me if I forget.)

I subscribe to your feed and I'm pretty sure it is showing up.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Regarding mrs d and 404 errors:

- most of my 404 errors aren't from genuine blog readers, but are instead from spammers looking for backdoor hacks to post comments to my blog. I get thousands and thousands of these a week. It's rather pathetic.

Saeed said...

Hm, this name and shame is quite interesting, since I could go around "naming and shaming" sites that look ugly, sites that have bad writing and sites whose recipes suck. But of course I don't, because that's kind of a stupid thing to do to sites that are personal, at least somewhat instructive and fun, and, most of all, free.

The DG not having an RSS feed? It's because the DG site uses custom-made, home-grown publishing software, as opposed "canned" software such as Blogger or MT or Wordpress, so having an RSS is a matter of work to create a script as opposed to just checking a box and hittin Save. We don't use RSS, so it doesn't bug us too much not to have a feed. We'll work on it eventually, but it's certainly not as high a priority as, say, making good food or taking care of a baby.

Thanks very much.

The DG's Indignant, Humourless-About-This-Particular-Issue Husband.

Kalyn Denny said...

Mrs. D, Bloglines shows six different feed options for Belly Timber.

Peter Cherches said...

Feeds are a fact of life, but I'd much prefer people to read my page as I've designed it. When I added feedblitz email alerts I didn't use full text, because I want people to click through. I care about the look of my blog and I like to read others in the format the blogger has chosen. If something catches my eye on bloglines I'll go to the original.

MizD said...

Thanks, Kalyn & Mcauliflower! I appreciate the info and the feed check!

(I have to add that I'm kinda with Peter in that I prefer to have people click through, as I did work hard on the look of my site, but I'm also a believer in giving readers lots of options, so if people want feeds, they get feeds. No point in alienating potential readers by refusing to create a feed.)

Anonymous said...

My motives for blogging are varied. I enjoy the writing but I also get great enjoyment knowing others enjoy reading my stuff. I bend over backwards to let them read it in whatever way possible. I'm flattered they're giving it a cursory glance, so I'm not going to make life difficult for them by limiting the ways they can read what I write.

As I reader I appreciate sites that allow me to access the content in a number of ways. I'm loyal to that site. I get really peeved when sites make my life difficult by requiring me to click through if I'm reading via RSS, or if there's no RSS at all.

I think this thread is getting a little po-faced. I can't see how Andrew's post counts as bullying, although I appreciate that we don't want anyone feeling bullied, so we need to heed DG's feelings. We're all adults and I'm sure we can all take constructive criticism. Andrew's was constructive, he was saying why RSS is important and explained why he was frustrated when it wasn't installed. Equally, we can all say sod-off, this is my blog I'll do what I want, but thanks for your criticism.

Censoring a post seems a tad heavy handed.

Sam said...

RSS feeds has already been covered several times before on Food Blog Scool, as have several other sensitive subjects, each time it has been done with sensitivity and people have not been named. They don't need to be.

Can you remember the uproar there was here when Food & Wine magazine publicly criticized bloggers who are also pupils at this scool. The mag didnt even mention the name of the bloggers in question, but still people were offended and a large number of the scool members at the time leapt to the defence of the bloggers in question.

It is not necessary to 'out' people to put any point across.

The result of this post is that the creator of one of the blogs in question was clearly upset by the post.

I like for food blog scool to be a responsible, grown-up, easy-going, largely unmoderated place for discussion, but sometimes I have to make difficult decisions and this was one of them.

I do not want FBS to become a forum for slagging off specific named bloggers.

If Andrew, or you, or anyone else wants to get personal, then it can be done on the pages of his or your or anyone else's blog, NOT here, where we are trying to foster a sense of community and be welcoming to all food bloggers.

Andrew could easily have written that post without bringing individuals to task.

That said - I rarely read blogs these days without RSS, but I am appreciative of saeed explaining why this is not always possible.
These are two bloggers who were laying down the foundations of food blogging before it was even popular or easy-to-use software was widely available.

Also - Andrew is always pushing his luck with me - and he knows it - so I doubt he will be surprised. It's not the first time we have had to adjust his postings. I am fine with him trying, I like his cheekiness, I have nothing against it or him. and I am pretty sure he won't hold it against me in return.

Andrew said...

Hold on... Hold on a minute a dog-on minute - lets take this back down a bit can we (Sam... grief girl...) and not take this the wrong way - it wasnt meant harshly at all! I am sure these people have reasons for not supplying a feed but my point was that I WANT to read these blogs - i like them but dont have time to go to the site to find out if its been updated very often.

Sorry if you think I was pushing things - that was not the intention in slightest. RSS is the way I read the net and I want to read these people 'cos they are good. By mentioning two specific blogs I intended a gentle nudge in the ribs to get them to indulge.

I know Jenni personally (Pertelote) and everytime we met I manage to get a dig in on the RSS front.

I dont really see the need to adjust the intial post at all - no cheek or pushing Sams boundries intended (this time) - just a way to get RSS to the forefront of the school.

Anonymous said...

Feeds are fine, but this sort of public finger-pointing is counter-productive and slightly offensive.

You have a blog. Others do too. They can run their blogs however they want. One of the great libertarian things about blogdom is there is no body of standards and behavior one needs to follow.

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