Friday, December 08, 2006

Tracking IP Addresses

I am signed up with as well as I would like to know how to find out someone's domain through their IP address. Although statcounter does give me details on their location, I'm still not able to find out their domain or even if they have one. Could someone help me with this since I'd really like to be able to get intouch with some of my visitors domains rather than having to google them out.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but the only way that would be possible would be if everyone who had a domain name, was also visiting your website from the same computer on which that site is hosted... which is almost never the case. You can try doing a hostname lookup on the IP addresses in your logs by performing a 'reverse dns lookup' at this site: but it's unlikely that any of the ip's will resolve to an actual website domain name you will recognise.

You may get more information by looking at the referrer logs of which sites people are linking from to get to your site... Something that I know most stats packages give you, and if sitemeter doesn't, then you should sign up for Google Analytics, which definitely does.

Happy statistizing :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's not easy. The only way to figure it out most of the time is if they leave a comment. Statcounter gives you the IP of visitors to that page and you can grab it from there.

As Matt said, it's very rare that the IP will match the domain, unless we're talking about a big media company.

The big thing is that if folks want to engage in conversation and reveal themselves, they'll do so in the comments or send you an email.

Maybe if you give us some more info about what sort of visitor you're trying to track down we might be able to help.

Unknown said...

I agree with Matt — looking up IP numbers is an inexact science. (www.dnsstuff is great, though!)

I tried looking up IP number by the blog posts that come to my Yahoo account and that did not work out either (although it sometimes works — maybe I chose the wrong e-mails).

You might just ask the people who leave comments to e-mail you off-blog and hope they see the message. Good luck.