Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[Blogger] Html codes -- IE vs Firefox

Hi there, i've got a tiny question.
The lastest posts icons look good with IE, but they are all messed up when viewing with Firefox.
Click HERE to see screen captures.

Any ideas?

Plus: it seem i can't make more space between the icons. I tried with 'margin' with 'br'; but nothing seems to work.
Here is the html codes for that part (click HERE).

I'd be happy if someone could give me a hand.

UPDATE: problem almost solved -- i finally removed the [li] tags at the beginning of each picture html code and if you want to see what i get you can go here.
BUT there is still something i've got to fix.

And the new codes HERE

UPDATE 2 - thanx to Jack's brain, everything's now back to normal, so thank you!

This Post was written by fanny from FOODBEAM


I am Jack's Brain said...

Remove the "FLOAT: right" style from each second image (cheese, happy b-day, and framboises) and that should fix the problem and get the spacing the way you want it.

I am Jack's Brain said...

If you remove the "float:left" from all but the first image then your line should return to its normal position.

Fanny said...

Thank you so much Jack's Brain; as you can see im not an html expert at all.
Always doing the same mistake.
I'll try en tell you


Robert F. Crocker said...

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