Friday, May 29, 2009

Has anyone heard of them?

That got in touch with me saying that they'd like to feature my blog and we'd mutually discuss what would go up. I asked them to let me know what they'd like to cover to which they didn't reply in detail but only said that they appreciate my responding. Just today I found that they've copied the content of all my posts and posted it verbatim as a sub domain (

Really wanted to know if any of you have been contacted by them and what has your response been like. For now I've sent them a mail asking them to pull down the content. I'm getting anxious about having my content there. I should have been more careful. :(

This Post was written by Shaheen from The Purple Foodie


FJK said...

looks like they've made you a member, can you get into your profile somehow and turn it off?

the site is part of something called the xanga community. if you click on the privacy statement on the sign in page you can eventually get to a contact form for them to report the abuse

good luck

The Purple Foodie said...

Thanks! Just went over to do that and saw that they pulled it down. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've recently been contacted by them as well and have yet to reply. I'm already a part of the Foodbuzz network and this site seems to be replicating that model. Haven't responded to them but am skeptical.

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Nguyen Duc said...

Wow, sorry for "stealing" your photo - the intent was to showcase your talent. Your photo has been taken down, and none of your images will be posted again.

Same goes for Tastespotting.
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