Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Photo "Borrower"

Hi all,

I just wanted to make you all aware of another photo "borrower" out there. Her blog is at keepcalmandcarryonblog_dot_com. The owner used a photo from my blog in a recent post called "Pet Project". It was a photo of mac & cheese. She did not ask permission, of course, or I wouldn't be posting this. No, instead, she just cropped off the copyright info on my photo.

I asked her to remove it, and I pointed out that she should know to ask first since she also has an "all rights reserved" copyright on her blog. She didn't respond, but she did replace my photo with one from someone else's blog.

There's at least one other photo in that post alone where she cropped off copyright data so she could use it. That's the part that irritates me the most. If she'd left it on, at least viewers would know whose work it was!

So, maybe take a look and see if any of your photos are on her site.

This Post was written by Dawn from Dawn's Recipes


jglee said...

This recently happened to me too. I found one of my images had been manipulated (increased saturation) and also cropped so the copyright was gone at the site: gliving[dot]com. I did not contact them since the image was only up for one day, but still it makes me wonder what is the best way to handle all this.

cybele said...

I had this happen on a site where they reposted my photos, cropped out the watermark and didn't attribute.

I finally got an answer from them, "The reason the watermarks were cut out is because it is our site's general policy to crop out watermarks from 3rd parties, so as not to confuse our readers."

So yeah, I think the general consensus is that buttwipes like to take photos and remove the attribution so as to assume credit.

EB said...

How are you discovering when this happens to your photos?

Dawn's Recipes said...

In this particular instance, the photo she used linked back to my blog so Google Analytics picked it up. I searched the offender's blog for "food" to find other posts, and normally she just copies and pastes the picture without even the benefit of a link.

Foy Update - Garden Cook Write Repeat said...

I checked out her blog. Even her profile pic looks furtive. Not cool to steal people's photos.

forum widget said...

This is already happened with me as well. When i say photos from my blog, I requested blog owner lot for deletion but he does not respond to my mail. I was really very upset for a long time :((

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