Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Screen Capture

Can someone explain to me in words of not many syllables how to take a screen capture of a web page and reproduce it in Blogger?

Thanks and pardon my ignorance please!

This Post was written by Ian from The Yorkshire Foodie (formerly Yorkshire Deli)


Dawn's Recipes said...

Are you on a Mac or PC?

The Yorkshire Foodie said...


Nate-n-Annie said...

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint
File, Save As
save it as a JPEG "filename.jpg"
Upload to Blogger

Lone Acorn said...

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The Yorkshire Foodie said...

Thanks Nate-n-Annie I'll give that a try

Dell Laptop Batteries said...

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ejm said...

Just one more thing to add to Nate-n-Annie's excellent instructions for obtaining a screen capture.

It's probably a good idea to reduce the size of the screen shot. Here again are the instructions:

Alt-PrtSc (or press the "print screen" button)
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint
Ctrl-v (or go to Edit, Paste)
Ctrl-w (or go to Image, Stretch/Skew) and resize to smaller, making sure to put the same values (75%, 50%) into both height and width boxes
File, Save As
save it as a JPEG "filename.jpg"
Upload to Blogger

This way, the image won't be so large in bytesize but still easily read.

Amber said...

Hi, if you aren't looking to have to remember a bunch of hot keys/ shortcuts:

I recomemmend a free downloadable application called Gadwin Printscreen. The nice thing about gadwin is:

1.)You can set up a specific key to push in options so that it launches automatically ( I picked F10)

2.) Allows you to add a custom watermark (add your blog name etc) over the image.

3.)You can select in options whether to use a section (which you define while on the page or by default the whole page.

It uses very little cpu & it is fast - plus you can save the image in different file types (jpg, jpeg etc). I love it! I have been blogging for 5 yrs.

The free unlimited use version can be found here:

Ol' Dustin said...

If you have Microsoft Office 2007 with OneNote, you can use OneNote to take a screen clip. The shortcut (on my computer) is Win+S, and then you drag the marker across the section of the screen that you want, then simply let off the mouse. Then it will open OneNote and show the picture. Right-click on the picture and click Save As...

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