Friday, October 23, 2009

Another type of comment spam

I'm glad I chose to put my blog on comment moderation - now it appears that companies are paying people to pretend to be bloggers. The post read something like "That recipe looks really good, I'm in a rut as to types of pasta dishes to fix in addition to my go to pasta recipes." The italicized words "go to pasta recipes" was a link - to a Disney Family recipe page. The name of the person leaving the comment was also a link, but to a person who doesn't even have a blog but registered with Blogger so she could post as if she did. If I hadn't clicked on her name, I wouldn't have seen that. My guess is that she is paid by Disney to put their links on people's blogs.

This Post was written by Cyndi from Cookin' With Cyndi


SaltShaker said...

They're probably not paying anyone directly, it's likely not even an actual person, but simply an automated program that makes the posts. From my p.o.v., moderating comments is always a smart move, it doesn't take that much effort to go through them and gets rid of a lot of unnecessary/unrelated comment posts.

FJK said...

It's not new, we've all experienced it. I'd say its a real person if you have captcha (which I recommend you do) That foils the automated comments.
Comment moderation is the next step if you are having continuing problems with evil comments.

Otherwise it's your blog, just delete it.

Fresh Local and Best said...

This has happened to me as well. I was so excited to see my first comment on my blog, only to be deflated to find out that it was spam to DirectTV. UGH! So now I moderate. I've seen others from Vince of Petitchef and Foodista, I just delete them.

Sarah ( said...

Thanks for posting this... glad to hear I'm not alone! I get these types of comments at least twice a week.

velva said...

Good to know! Thanks for the heads up.

moosh said...

I welcome all comments even if from a commercial web site. You never know what your readers will be intrested in.

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forum widget said...

Comments moderation is best way if you are getting evil comments regularly. But the thing is that you must be regular with your blog so that able to read the good or bad comments and able to approve good comments. On the other hand, You can also delete evil comments as it is your blog..:)

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