Friday, May 26, 2006

[General] Introduction

Hi Everyone, I wanted to say hello and say how much I appreciate this s'cool. I just entered the blog world and had no idea how little I knew about it. I am blown away by the creativity and camraderie of the food blog world. I am slowly going through the archives which will help me get to know you all and unravel the mysteries of "the template". I am proud to say that I just added 2 colors to my background (can you say newbie?). Thank you for the help and hopefully one day I will actually be able to contribute something to the forum.

This Post was written by Callipygia from Foodchair


Joe said...

Welcome! Always nice to see a new food blog come to town!

Sam said...

Hi Callipygia.
Very pleased to have you as part of the team. Thank you for joining and especially for introducing yourself.


McAuliflower said...

yea on digging through the archives! Welcome Callipygia (cute name!).

newbie?- heck, we all have to start somewhere.