Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hosting for Wordpress blog

I've been using Dreamhost to host my various blogs for a couple years now, but they've been going down more and more frequently. Last week they were down for a whole day and this week they've been so slow at times that the blog won't even load.

I'm thinking about moving to Domatic or Mediatemple. Does anyone here have any experience with either? Recommendations for other hosting providers that I can stick Wordpress on would be helpful as well. Thanks!

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cybele said...

I've been using (just signed up for my third year).

It's a little more expensive but their service has been superb. They answer my support tickets within minutes, not hours and when I was being plagued by a spammer, they actually gave me the info I needed to stop them. (Instead, my last host just said "you need your own server".)

Here's their tutorial on how to install Wordpress:

They seem really blogger friendly. When I left lunarpages (please don't use them!), they moved my entire site seamlessly.

Delilah Hinman said...

I've been using BlueHost for the last year, and have had a great experience with them. They're a great price and have good customer service, and they also have Wordpress installation through them.

Good luck through your web host travels!

Annie said...

I've never had trouble with Dreamhost. Perhaps you're on a bad server? Sometimes shared hosting has its problems. They might move you to a new server on request. Save you some effort.

Ed said...

I'm with Delilah on Bluehost. I've been with them for two years. Great value and you can actually get tech support on the phione quite quickly.

Chuck said...

I'm on the Media Temple (mt) grid-service. It's been mostly good and with a little bad. I've used 4 different hosting providers over the last several years. Here are my thoughts on (mt)...

- Control Panel - best one I've used to date
- Leading edge tools (DNS admin, SSH, subversion, etc.)
- Super easy to set up a new domain, subdomain, DB and DB users

- Uptime for price and marketing promise
- Database bottleneck
- Latency of page loading

(mt) is much better than my previous provider. But for $17 - $20 a month I expect true 99.9% uptime. I use a site monitoring service and there are small outages each week (a few minutes here and there), mostly DB connection issues and http timeouts, but nothing major like Dreamhost has had recently.

Because I'm a little on the nerdy/techie side, I really like all the tools and freedom to administer my sites on (mt). I could not go back to a host that doesn't offer SSH and subversion. If you know what you are doing, it's so much easier to maintain and upgrade WordPress via subversion.

I guess I'm happy with (mt). The grass is always greener with your future hosting provider. Check out this article that compares WebFaction with (mt).

I'm hoping their new cluster-service actually delivers on what (mt) pitched with grid-service. I think they're still in alpha with cluster-service... so months away from public release.

DawnsRecipes said...

I've been using since a friend suggested it over a year ago. They're very good. Lots of services included, and very inexpensive.

deb said...

I switched to LiquidWeb from Dreamhost in January and only wonder why I didn't do it sooner. I've had no downtime and they have 24/7 phone support, with actual human beings on the other end--this is what sold me, also that if they're good enough for, they're good enough for me!.

Marc said...

Thanks guys, this is really helpful!

Anonymous said...
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Owner said...

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sri said...

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Blogger said...

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