Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Anyone Else Being Driven Mad By Google Blogger?

Or is it just me?

I have a number of linked blogs with different formats, as part of my main food blog. I also have a testbed blog in which I set up posts and check them for layout before publication. This month, Google Blogger decided to lock out my testbed. I went through the standard unlocking request and appeal procedures and, having no luck, created a new testbed blog. A few days later Google locked that out too. More requests to unlock, more appeals, same again. This morning, Google has locked out the third version. They all have different names and content, of course, so the robots don't think they are multiple versions of the same thing.

Is anyone else out there also suffering from Google "helping its members by fighting spam effectively"?

This Post was written by Trig from Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef.


Kalyn said...

I did get locked out of my blog because of the way I archive my recipes (entire pages of nothing but links, which looks like a link farm to the web crawler bots) but when I showed that I was a real person they unlocked it and no more problems. Sorry to hear it.

Trig said...

I'm doing even better. Google Blogger locked me out for a fourth time last night. I think I may be in with a real chance of making The Guinness Book Of World Records now for the non-spammer with the most locked blogs in the world. One of us (Google or me) is stark raving bonkers.

Almost Vegetarian said...

Hmmm, no, don't have this problem and, in fact, never heard of it.

Which is why I always appreciate when people post about issues they have. It gives me a heads up to stop the problem before it happens. Which is great.

So cheers!

Becks & Posh said...

I had this problem a while back, but I sorted it out like Kalyn. I don't use my 'extra' blogs so much these days like I used to for archives which is why I probably haven't noticed it popping up recently recently.

have you tried the google blogger forums?

Trig said...

I'm on the forums every day, keeping my unblock request at the head of the list. But very rarely does anyone from Google Blogger visit the forums. They see to be just a place for bloggers to let off steam and a small band of unpaid people to pretend to be professional advisors, when they really aren't. It's a very weird place to spend any time. A bit like going to a rock concert in a bus shelter.

Trig said...

I am very pleased to inform everyone that - at least in part due to persistence on my part - not only have I had my testbed blog unlocked but quite a few other bloggers have also had their improperly suspended blogs reinstated.

Over the past day or so Blogger employees have been crawling all over the help forum in a way not seen for ages. The lesson here is simple - don't give in!

A special thanks to Kalyn, who is always the first person on the planet to offer support when others are in difficulty. If anyone deserves a Nobel prize for services to humanity, you do.

Kalyn said...

Oh Trig, you are just so sweet. I really am not that techie (understatement of the year!) but I like to help when I do actually know something. I remember so well when I first started blogging how people on here were so generous about helping me!

So glad to hear you got it taken care of! And it sounds like your efforts helped a lot of other people too, which is so great.

Cate said...

Trig, I gotta say, I love your sense of humor. Glad the problem got fixed!

Anonymous said...

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