Friday, May 09, 2008

Stumbling Efficiently

Hi All,

So I have read quite a bit about engaging in social networks such as Stumbleupon to help promote blogs. I have been stumbling for a bit - just checking out other sites and trying to build a good stumble web page but I haven't done much more than that.
I am not sure if it is good policy to stumble your own posts - and I am not really sure how it works to connect with people on-line. Most of my friends are not on social networks so I am a bit out of the loop.
Any recs and ideas are appreciated!!
Thanks ~ Sue


Frantic Home Cook said...

I'm a sometime Stumbler and the best growth I've gotten on my blog has been from others Stumbling my blog. It doesn't really do you anything if you do it. You might want to join They're having a Cooking Contest where the winners will have their blogs stumbled by all the other members. Also, it's a fantastic group of people there. Jill and Charles McKeever run the site and they're wonderfully helpful.

Chuck said...

I love StumbleUpon traffic. Here are a two articles with StumbleUpon tips...

Building Your Blog With StumbleUpon

28 Tips To Make You a StumbleUpon Superstar

I never submit my own articles, but do put them on my StumbleUpon "blog." Sometimes I think a new post will be perfect for StumbleUpon users and it doesn't get picked up. Other times, a post will get popular out of the blue. The key is to get a power stumbler to stumble your post. And they only way I know how to do that is to actively participate in the StumbleUpon community.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I've never used it. I did notice that I used to get a lot of traffic from Stumbleupon though, but not any more.

I wonder what I did wrong?

suebette said...

@Frantic Home Cook: Thanks for the rec - I haven't checked out the Great Cooks site so I will scoot over there!
@Chuck:Thanks for the links to the articles, they are perfect.
@Scott: if you figure out the stumble secrets shoot me a note! : )

Lulu said...

Here's another link from ProBlogger with an overview of which social networks are okay to promote your blog on, and which are not:

What Are the Unspoken Rules of Social Networks?

sue bette said...

I'll take a look at that - thanks lulu!

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