Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello all --

I'm new to S'cool so first I'd like to thank Sam for letting me join (stat!) after I pestered her with the following question. Thanks Sam!

My question is this: I'm thinking of trying to start either a blogging carnival or general food blogging fundraiser for Obama. But I have no idea how to plan or start a fundraiser. I'll take any and all advice.

Sam has already warned me that many people don't want to associate their blogs with politics so I'm prepared for that. And I'm not entirely married to doing this event. But I thought I'd dip my toes in the water and see what the experts (you!) think.

Thanks! And thanks for letting me a part of this!




giz said...

For what it's worth - here's my sentiment. Ask "who is my audience"? Is it really the food blogging world? How would they connect to this cause? Also the blogging world is international - I'm not sure Australians, Germans or Turks care a whole lot about Obama.

So having said that - source politically oriented blogs where the conversation is around American politics. Find something that gives you credibility - how do people know you're not just raising money for a vacation in Cuba? I don't mean to sound incredibly sarcastic but when you market something, you need to be sure you're not just spinning your wheels.

tiny banquet committee said...

I recently participated in a MoveOn.org bakesale to raise money for Obama. In NYC these happened on June 21st and 22nd, but it looks like they might be happening all over the US all summer long:
It's not specific to food bloggers, of course, but if you're up for hosting one in your area, it's a fun way to raise money.