Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogger Keeps Shrinking My Photos to 400 px wide

I create my images at 500 px wide, then upload them to be 420 px on the post (because I am planning to change my column width to accommodate the 500 px wide image later), but Blogger resizes the photo to 400 when I upload. Does anyone know how I can bypass their re-sizing and keep the original image size?

This Post was written by Sarah from TheDeliciousLife


Sam said...

Yes - it will load at 400 because blogger gives you both a 'big' and a 'small' version when you upload, the lragest of which is 400. So when you click on the 400 picture, the link is to the bigger 500 (or whatever you choose) size, then you can just copy the url and insert the link by hand into your post. This is what I do on my blog where my pictures are 550 pixels wide. Some times I load a second even larger picture too and insert that as the linked picture, if you get my gist. Hope that helps

Nate-n-Annie said...

Edit the HTML of the post and look at the IMG tag for the picture. You can specify the width and height parameters by hand: width="420" height="nnn".

Trig said...

Be a bit careful here. Stretching and shrinking photos that are compressed to .jpg format will distort them. The best rule is always to create your photos the exact size you want to display them while still in .bmp or .png format, then convert to .jpg for quick uploading and downloading.

Blogger offers small, medium or large size options which equate to 200px, 320px and 400px. The html code will contain /s200/, /s320/ or /s400/ respectively. Blogger also automatically creates a 1600px version for each of these three. In each case, these are the maximum size, not the actual size. So use small, medium or large if <=200, <=320 or <=400px and edit to /s1600/ for >400px.

Small adjustments can now be made by adding the code: width="x" or height="y". If you just use one of these, the other will scale automatically. If you make too large an adjustment, you will get image blurring.

So... for your images, make them 500px wide before saving as .jpg. Upload using any size option. Edit the code from /sxxx/ to /s1600/. Your photo will appear 500px wide and crystal clear.

DawnsRecipes said...

Hi Sarah, I was searching this site for a completely unrelated issue when I came across this post:

I remembered seeing your question recently and thought it might have some useful information for you.

Sam said...

ps - also take out the -h when linking!

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