Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interview with a Foodie

I recently interviewed Jenn of The leftover queen' and it was really informative and fun. I would like to share it with the Food Blog S'cool readers as it will be of some help to the newbies.

Jenn shares her experience as blogger and how she have evolved from a newbie to a successful foodie. Don't miss it.

The Interview

This Post was written by Sangeeth Raghunathan from Art of cooking Indian Food

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sam said...

thanks for sharing - but I am wondering why you did not include a live link to her blog in your interview? The first thing I wanted to do after reading the interview was to visit her and it seemed like you were purposely not making that easy for me. Please can you explain the reasoning behind why you chose to not include a working link to her blog and instead people are required to copy and paste the url?