Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 10 Social Networking sites for a Food blogger/Foodie

Don't we all love Myspace, facebook and Orkut? Atleast I do. The social networking sites helps me to find new friends not only friends, it helps me to meet foodies. Foodies are people who love to cook, eat, visit restaurants etc i.e those who love to do anything related to food. Most of the foodies share their experience with others through theirs blogs. This helps us gain knowledge on various other cuisines. But, it is really hard to locate a foodie in a large group of social network which lead to social networks for a niche.

Social Networking is the best way to communicate with people of your niche and if you want to drive your blog's traffic. Blogs have become very famous now a days. 1 in every 5 blog is a food blog. Wow! it really is huge. How to get to know these foodies? How to introduce them to your blog? The answer is through social network.

Networking is the best way to increase traffic to your website. Making new friends not only increases your traffic but also you get a "real friend". I know people who have had great friends through social network with whom they even share their personal problems. hmm... now you are getting the impact of social networks. Good. Why wait. Let me introduce you to the top 10 social networking sites for foodies/Food Blog.(Not in any order)

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Group Recipes
Open Source Food
Food Candy

Ofcourse Food Blog S'cool is a great way to learn about food blogging. Check out for more social sites for foodie here.

This Post was written by Sangeeth Raghunathan from Art Of Cooking Indian Food


BakeSpace said...

Hi - It's Babette @ BakeSpace, thanks for including us on your list.

dB. said...

dB. @ FoodCandy, thanks!

Sam said...

I like to keep my Facebook account for people I have met in real life. It's a place for me where I can discuss 'not food'. With twitter I am more foodish. But still, people who follow me should expect a fair amount of non-food mixed in.
I think I prefer to connect with food bloggers I don't know through their actual blogs because after all - that is where they put the most effort into their food writing and photography.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I'm terrible with all this social networking stuff. I generally register then can't make out what all the fuss is about...

I'm using Twitter a lot right now, though.

MenusNearU said...

Another new social site based around food and local restaurants is .

MenusNearU said...

Another interesting social site for foodies and local restaurants is

Brooke said...

I love this site. I just found it through Jesse, a Blog S'cool contributor. Thanks, Jesse! I love this resource. Great idea!

Brooke from

Food Couch said...

Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for food social networking sites to expand my network, gain friends and help boost traffic to my site and this post really helps a lot. :)

Ozge said...

Foodbuzz is a great community I am a member of. People behind it work hard to optimize our satisfaction as foodies. It hasn't been long that I'm a member on there - but quickly I've formed my own circle of friends some of which are already regulars that keep me company. If it weren't for a website like Foodbuzz, it'd be difficult to connect with fellow foodies. Thanks for listing it!

Anonymous said...

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EatPost said...


We just launched a new food review site called It was developed a couple of months ago by my friend and I who are huge foodies. After eating out for so long, we were inspired to make a site where people can share their thoughts on food they've eaten and sort of enlighten others on the good and bad dishes out there at various restaurants.

This is our first site, so please be kind. Any feedback on how to make the site better is greatly appreciated. We are all ears. Here's to hoping you find the site fun and useful.


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Bobbi Gadget said...

Thanks for sharing this list. I have joined about 2 of them as well as a new foodie social network called that isn't listed.

It would be cool to have an iphone app that shows foodie recommendations near where you are.

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Gerhard said...

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Anonymous said...

you shoud register @ - thisshould drive sometraffic to your site.

Anonymous said...

There is a new social network that allows you to share food and eat with people in your neighbourhood. It's

Ninefood said...

Good reference,
we have the similar service, a food based social network. We will be glad if you put us on the list.

Tony said...

Yeah I have a new site just launched.

Anonymous said...

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moretosc said...

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