Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SF Bloggers & Hunger Action Month

This is Sam Breach posting on behalf od Amy Sherman

With Slow Food Nation behind us and the Eat Local Challenge in front of us, I'm hoping you'll make time, and a space on your blog, for the Hunger Challenge, benefiting the San Francisco Food Bank.

September is Hunger Action Month. In San Francisco, a city overflowing with great food, 150,000 people aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from. That’s 1 out of every 4 children

You may already know that earlier this year Jill Wendholt Silva of the Kansas City Star was nominated for a James Beard award for her article, "Food Stamp Challenge: One Week, Four People and a Tight Budget." Now is your chance to take the challenge too.

The San Francisco Food Bank would like to invite you to raise money and/or awareness of hunger in our community. On Cooking with Amy I'll be creating a series of recipes that keep within the budget of $1 per person, per meal. Here's how you can get involved:

1. PARTICIPATE: Try spending just $3 per day on food or $21 a week, per person. Try it for a week or for just a meal. Share the experience with your readers.

2. CREATE: Post a recipe that costs $1 per person and share it with the Food Bank to benefit our local community.

3. DONATE: Contribute to the Food Bank. Consider contributing the amount of cash you saved by spending only $21 on food for the week. For every $1 donated, the San Francisco Food Bank can provide $9 worth of food to the hungry.

4. ADVOCATE: Get your readers to take the challenge, too!

5. FILL A PLATE: Prepare for another blogger volunteer event at the Food Bank, so you can help put more food on people's plates.

The challenge begins on September 21 and runs for one week. Gayle Keck at the Food Bank is currently working on resources for bloggers including a blog, badge, a sample $20 shopping list, fundraising links and special prizes. If you would like to participate in this challenge, please email Gayle, and she will be in touch as we get closer to the launch.

BACKGROUND: Food stamps were meant to be a supplemental program, but now most recipients rely primarily on food stamps to put food on their tables. With food prices skyrocketing, this is even more of a challenge.

According to the California Budget Project, it takes $50,383 a year for a California family of four - with one working parent - to make ends meet. It takes $72,343 if both parents work. But a family of four is eligible for food stamps only if its gross annual income doesn't exceed $26,004.

This Post was written by sam from becks& posh on behalf of Amy Sherman

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