Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change your default text to defeat spammers

I've noticed lately (mostly since my sockpuppeting incident) that I've been getting more "light spam". These are comments that seem to be on topic and non-promotional, but the links they leave are pure spam sites (poker, kitchen equipment, payday loans).

These are not robots, these are real people.

Here's what they do:

They come from IP address in Australia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

They google a common word like "payday" or "organic" plus "remember my personal information" which most of us have on our comment forms on our blogs.

Some other phrases are associated with CAPTCHA forms "enter the text in the box below" or whatever it says automatically as well as "follow up comments."

So, just take this as a warning to change this default text to something a little more personalized, perhaps unique.

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