Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feed Woes

I was having an email conversation with the lovely Alanna this morning (you'll be glad to know she reminded me to correct a link on the side bar and re-add the calendar, and at the same time I also re-added the FAQ links as suggested a couple of weeks ago by Elise, which is all the house keeping for today)

Anyway, back to the FEED issue. Alanna made some comment about my feed being title only these days. And I was surprised. I am a big proponent of full feeds myself. She sent me a screen grab of my blog in her Bloglines and sure enough they were title only = not what I intended at all! In blogger my settings are all set to FULL. I went to feedburner and it was FULL there too. In google reader it is also FULL. Does anyone have any idea why my blog might not be showing up full in Bloglines? Do you read my blog in a feed reader - if so please let me know what it looks like to you and which reader you use. Thank you.

And whilst we are on the subject, please can someone explain this setting in blogger to me:

Post Feed Redirect URL
If you have burned your post feed with FeedBurner, or used another service to process your feed, enter the full feed URL here. Blogger will redirect all post feed traffic to this address.

thanks for all/any help

This Post was written by sam from Becks & Posh


Lunch Buckets said...

For what it's worth I read you with Google reader and it looks fine. No idea about the Blogger setting you asked about. I do have my feedburner url in that spot, but who knows what it actually does!

Barbara said...

I read you in Google reader also and it looks fine. I have my reader set on Expanded View. If I change it to list view I get just the title and first sentence.

deb said...

Hi Sam -- FWIW, I get a full post from your blog, as well as this one, in Google Reader.

foodperson said...

I don't subscribe to your other feed but I do subscribe to this one via Bloglines, and it's full post.

McAuliflower said...

I subscribe to your atom feed and only get titles using bloglines. (

Can those of your who get a full post please report back with which exact becks&posh feed you are subscribed to? ie what's the url?

Elise said...

That's probably the problem. Alanna is likely subscribing to an old atom feed that isn't redirecting to feedburner.

The feed that is listed in your header, is a full feed:

Oddly, you have two atom feeds listed in the header of the HTML of your site.

BTW, you can usually find the URL of someone's feed by looking in the header section of the HTML when doing a "View Source" from the browser.

Sam said...

this is my feedburner url:

I am going to investigate those suggestions - thanks

Sam said...

i just checked and the two atom feeds listed in the header redirected to the feedburner url in the previous comment.

Alanna from Kitchen Parade said...


I just subscribed to this feed (which does indeed preview with full posts) and yet when it gets to Bloglines, Bloglines only shows headlines for the 10 most recent post, except one.

Kalyn said...

I am subscribed to your feedburner feed:

Previously, I've always gotten the full post for your blog. I believe even earlier this week I was seeing the full post. However, now when I click in and request posts from the last week, I get only the title.

I'm thinking this is some type of Bloglines glitch, since it's only been the last few days.

BTW, the blogger setting "post feed redirect url" is something new that was added when Google acquired Feedburner. If you use Feedburner and enter the feedburner url in that spot, it will automatically re-direct all your feeds through feedburner.

One thing that I like about having all the feeds go through feedburner is that you get a much more accurate count of how many subscribers you have.

Pille said...

I read you with Bloglines, and it's a title only. I must admit I prefer a full, or even partial feed, a lot more, and click through more frequently to read the post in the latter case (sorry! Same for Ilva & Meeta - I only see the titles)

Sam said...

hmm - sounds like it may be a bloglines glitch then?

Sheri said...

I read it at feed:// via Safari, and I get some titles (this post was mostly just a title) and some full feeds. It changed a few weeks ago.

Sally said...

I just use the reader that is built into IE7 and I get the full post.

kitchenmage said...

Sam, I read you on gReader (google) and have always gotten full posts. When I pull a link off a post in gReader, I get this: (with the post name after that)

Sam said...

I signed up for bloglines to test my feed. I noticed it is in Beta right now.
Anyway - every instance of my blog in the feed was titles only. I can only surmise this really is a Blogline thing as my feed looks full everywhere else.
Does anyone know if this started happening to previously Full feed blogs at a point of change to the new Bloglines beta? Or perhaps none of you are using beta.

I dunno - I give up on this one with apologies to all my blogline readers.

Pille said...

Sam, you, Ilva and Meeta are the only blogs I read on Bloglines that I get titles only (I 'read' about 100 in total)...

Jennifer Stanton Chapman said...

As a food blog reader who lives in China I am BEGGING that all writers check their feeds. Blogger gets blocked ALL the time and I can only read many of the blogs through a reader like Google reader. I feel selfish posting this but I miss so many of my favorite blogs that only come up as titles in my reader.

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