Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cooking Courses in N.Y.C.

Good morning, everyone!

A buddy of mine is looking to expand his culinary skills this spring and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for cooking classes/schools in Manhattan. I imagine he's looking for just the best general cooking course out there.

The Institute of Culinary Education vs. The French Culinary Institute?

Does the New School have courses as well?

Any guidance anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Mona of Mona's Apple


Katy said...

I took Fine Cooking 1 (5 week course, five hour classes once a week) at the Institute of Culinary Education and thought it was good, although kind of basic (I enjoyed learning some of the theory, but most of the actual cooking consisted of dishes I'd prepared before). That being said, it was a fun experience, and the price was right (about $600 for the whole course). I did some research beforehand, and learned that the Institute of Culinary Education makes its students cook in groups, rather than at their own individual stations, which makes the class more communal, but you probably don't learn quite as much. Last I checked, though, the recreational classes at the French Culinary Institute are a lot more expensive $2500 or so for an 8-10 week class, I believe.

Also, a caveat: I took recreational classes, so I can't speak to the quality of the professional classes from either school. Both have great alums, though!

PS -- My instructor for Fine Cooking was Richard Reuben, who also teaches the farmer's market class. He is hilarious and so much fun! I think the classes depend a lot on the instructor, and I *definitely* recommend him!

Mona said...

gosh katy, thank you so much. that info was sooo helpful. i really really appreciate it. what a remarkable difference between the two class prices-lordie!!

thanks again for taking the time to leave such a thorough response, and appreciate the prof rec too!


shuna fish lydon said...

Without getting too controversial I will say that as a professional chef I think culinary school is not necessary and there are many schools and classes and ways of learning that do not involve massive sums of money upfront.

I have written my opinion extensively on my own blog and answer questions from prospective cooks all over the world. Feel free to send him my way.

In NYC also check out ICE.

Anonymous said...

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